Want to Restore original Manjaro boot, after unstinalling second distro

Hi There,

New to Manjaro and to Linux. So far really enjoying the experience.

I was doing a bit too much tweaking, and installed Fedora35 on a new partition. It seems that Fedora installs its own bootloader, which created a 3GB partition that runs instead of the default manjaro partition. When I went to uninstall Fedora, I was stuck with its bootloader, and its 5 or 6 options (most of which don’t even work).

But deleting that 1GB partition that held Fedora’s bootloader makes my drive unable to boot, it goes straight to GRUB rescue. As far as I can tell, all of Manjaro’s GRUB files are intact, but when I tried to use grub rescue>insmod normal.mod, it shows an error, something about not being able to find a ‘symbol’. I think the reason it does so is because Fedora uses Grub 2, so is looking for a ‘Grub 2’ folder, whereas Manjaro has a ‘Grub’, which I assume is not Grub 2 but Grub 1. So likely even when it can find normal.mod, there are other files it can’t find because it uses a different grub version. Updating and reinstalling grub did not worked when I tried it.

It seems the issue is that Manjaro has its own working grub component, but for some reason the machine needs this 1GB partition to run, and if it’s deleted, it won’t go to Manjaro’s own GRUB config, it just goes to rescue.

I’d just like to restore how Manjaro boots when you install it. Where it doesn’t even go into a menu, but just straight into the OS. The default settings. Looking this up hasn’t gotten me any answers, I figure describing my own situation would help.

Thanks everyone

see this

Thanks, this definitely got me started on fixing the problem. Following the exact instructions on this wiki page was what got it working for me. GRUB/Restore the GRUB Bootloader - Manjaro