Want to install Manjaro after installing Arch for a learning experience

Manjaro is by far the very best distro IMHO. I run KDE Plasma with 2 big screens and even installed ZFS 2.0 from github for some testing. What a dream come true.

But I would like to install Arch Linux on my Lenovo laptop followed by KDE Plasma. I have already installed Manjaro to replace Linux Mint and things are great but I don’t like the partitioning scheme.

Any thoughts? And I wish there was a cloud version of Arch. I have one instance deployed but it uses the Debian to Arch stuff that I found on Github. It does work but I don’t think I would use it in production.


Your titile header “Want to install Manjaro after installing Arch for a learning experience” does not make any sense with the rest of your post.

See this for next time:



Fair enough.

Great :+1:

What ever you mean by this… no idea. Create a partitioning scheme which you like?

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