Want to find executable filename/path for Vivaldi

Hello, I cannot run Vivaldi browser from Konsole. If I click Vivaldi icon on Manjaro Menu the browser starts with no problems. But when I type vivaldi in Konsole and press Enter the terminal says "Command not found". I tried to run firefox from the terminal and it opened with no problems, but it doesn't open for vivaldi. Anyone knows ways to fix this?

I need to open Vivaldi from terminal install media codecs as described in this instruction:

try "vivaldi-stable"

I looked in /usr/share/applications/vivaldi-stable.desktop for the executable name. FYI.

Good luck!


You can get a full file listing for an installed package with pacman -Ql $PACKAGENAME .

Then just look for an executable.


Thank you, Russ and jonathon, for tips :), vivaldi-stable has opened.

also whereis
whereis firefox

Sometimes it is more difficult :wink:

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