Wallpapers by Rez - updated with Openbox



well said champ… should be a treat to watch the slide show :thumbsup:


I had a very productive morning today.


awesome set of walls champ :thumbsup:


Wow! These are awesome! Thanks Rez!
My favourites are the JWM, Deepin, Budgie, Fluxbox and the Manjaro one :smiley:


Yes, very good work!!


Thanks guys!


A Gnome wall to start the day.


:laughing: Haha! I always thought it’s a one-legged gnome jumping around…



Koool xfce


A Kilimanjaro wallpaper to end the day.


@ReWritable I thought you might like these wallpapers better.


Well, for some reason I can’t change the title of the thread, so for the moment will continue with that “updated with XFCE”.


Luckily there is no shortage of cool pics.


awesome champ :slight_smile: :thumbsup: :ok_hand:


Thank you! :wink: Here’s another one.


So Openbox will be released very soon… then it’s ime to update the previous series.


Could we have a version of this one with the Manjaro logo being in the Manjaro green color (or some other color)? I think, the logo’s color is too similar to the bubble’s background color. Similir to this (but this is ugly if you zoom in because I only edited it with Gimp and it made the color messy):


With green logo.