Wallpapers by Rez - updated with Openbox



awesome ! :thumbsup:

Noteworthy November (2016) Screenshots

And… something for XFCE users.


User of Fluxbox or KDE? then this is for you.


awesome champ :slight_smile:


Three more in this series.


Aaaaaah, thanks :wink:


Starting the week with Mate and I3 walls.


For Budgie users.


Mention me if you want i add in our pkgs for my de s ( mate , budgie and gnome ) :relieved:


Thanks Ste74. I got planned a gnome wall too in this series :wink:


I’ll download all pics here… Thank you very-very muuuuuuuuch :confounded:


Thanks to you! :wink:




Thank you … now i can merge in repo :wink:


JWM wall.



beautiful, i liked it!

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


Awesome stuff!! Thank you so much! I’ll update the i3 wallpapers with the next release - I’m planning on launching a 16.10.3 these days :slight_smile: Also the Deepin one will be included in the respecitve place of course …


Thanks! I am working now in a Deepin wallpaper too :wink: do you know the name of the font in the logo?


You mean the font for “deepin” - no I’m afraid I don’t know. For the plymouth theme I took it from here
Have a look a this one maybe?
Yep, I think it might be the right one :slight_smile: Maven pro?: http://www.1001freefonts.com/maven_pro.font


Thanks! I was going to use the Expansiva font that is similar, but the plymouth pic is perfect.