Wallpapers by Rez - updated with Openbox



Well, so far I have done these two, but I will try new things in the future.


Is a new layer with text? If so maybe you can add an exterior shadow, or a border to the text to hide the white part. Never used gimp but I guess there’s a way to make something like that.


No text. I just did a bucket spill of blue ink on your white letters. The ragged edges come from the fact that the pixels on the edges of letters on your original are not purely white. In Microsoft Paint, I know how to fix that pixel by pixel, but I don’t know how yet in Gimp.

The logo and the word “deepin” that I added come from this image:


Today has been a busy day. Three simple wallpapers to practice the Inkscape gradient and something more funny to create.


A minor update to the last one.


Moved to another spot


Moved to another spot


A new one.


very nice any more light themes of enlightenment


I am not familiar with Enlightment but I’ll do more in this clean style.


Oh nice, great colors. These simple material design papers are my favorite.


A couple more.


Very neat! Keep em coming :slight_smile:


Emjoy it!


Superb champ :+1:


They do seem fitting for “Splashes” as well, or nicely with “Emlightenment” :wink:


Something for I3 users.


Well, I think this one works better with the conkys.


thanks a million :sunglasses:


Updated with the official logo. Thanks all for the likes!