Wallpapers by Lunix (just for fun)

WOW! Cool! :sunglasses:

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Another quick try…

Gnome, Cinnamon and KDE in 3 colors


Full size : https://postimg.cc/image/cs0qiarob/


Full size : https://postimg.cc/image/yr755i0sr/


Full size : https://postimg.cc/image/f9chpitkb/

All examples : https://postimg.cc/gallery/1ceoxn9ho/


Really weird, sometimes wallpapers made by other users crawl into your head and before you know, you make something in that genre or even the same. (Not as good, lol)

It was not meant like that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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First gradient wallpaper with Blender. Mmm, don’t like it, but had to try. It’s not really my kind of thing.

Think I’ll have to practice on this one.

For those… full size : https://postimg.cc/image/a9o88y03f/

And also a few pixels more :innocent: : https://postimg.cc/image/pie5mpm23/


It’s interesting that you made these with Blender. If you hadn’t said, my guess would have been Inkscape :slightly_smiling_face:

To be honest @muser I have never worked with Inkscape. I quess I should try it :grin:

What sofware do you use besides Blender? Gimp/Photoshop?

Just Gimp (most of the time) and Blender. I think these are enough for me. I find it hard to learn sometimes. I must read a lot of manuals on the internet etc… Like going to school,haha. But then 20 years later.

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I also started with Gimp and later I started learning Inkscape. In the beginning it seemed a little intimidating but now I love it. If you don’t want to read manuals there are a lot of awesome tutorials on Youtube (that’s how I learned, too). I can recommend tutor4u (Gimp, Blender and Inkscape tutorials, very easy to follow) and Nick Saporito (Gimp and Inkscape tutorials, I learned the most about Inkscape from him).

Oh? I will definitely give it a try. And thanks for the link. Tutorials on Youtube are indeed a little faster to learn. And I can click on ‘pause’ :wink: Sometimes I really have to translate what the guys are saying but it’s better than reading books.

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Full size : https://postimg.cc/image/n2lj0j5y3/


That’s cool!
But it looks like the focus is on the far end, could you make it to be on the logo.


Good point ! That would be possible, but I think I’ll have to start all over again, because I already saved the image with the blur-filter in Blender. Can’t undo that anymore. But I’ll give it a try :wink:

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I can now see what you mean by that @muser. Good catch, I didnt see that my first time looking at it but it still looks very nice…

Ok, is it just the logo to focus on or the whole right part? I’ve put a blur-filter on the image but not on the logo ->

Full size : https://postimg.cc/image/un236j3uz/


Not really a wallpaper. But a test.

Full size test : https://postimg.cc/image/ww38k6wcb/


I don’t know what your intention with the blurring was, but what I meant is that to achieve a depth-of-field effect, you are supposed to blur the background and keep the foreground sharp. (Or the other way around if the object you want to direct attention to is in the background, but that’s very rare). I didn’t mean to be nitpicky, though, I hope I didn’t come across like that.


Not at all ! I like good advice. But I was too lazy to start all over. My 40 year old brain has its limitations :-p I have to read some tutorials on how to focus on objects in Blender. But I’ll give it a try.

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NICE!!! I love the design…Great work @Lunix

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Ok, made a total different one. I’ve been struggling with a few things so started from a blank page :dizzy_face:

Cubes Wallpaper with Manjaro logo

Image : 1920x1080

Created with Blender and based on a tutorial from Akash Hamirwas_ia

If there are requests for an other color, just let me know. This time I’ve saved the original, haha.

Full size : https://postimg.cc/image/4ztezlzwb/

Full size : https://postimg.cc/image/u5ud6ftgr/

Full size : https://postimg.cc/image/anzpqhot7/


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