Wallpapers by Lunix (just for fun)



Best quality here


Original here

Original here

Original here


Original here


Original here


Best quality here


This one ‘really’ just for fun. In a few days it’s Halloween, BRRRRRR ! :crazy_face:

Best creepy quality here


Best quality here


Best quality here


Best quality here

Best quality here


Best HD quality here
4k here


…searching wallpapers, I have to like them at the first glance. This one is very appealing, but the logo is way to big.
Maybe without logo or just a decent light grey “enjoy the simplicity” somewhere out of center ?


Hi @banjo. Appreciate your feedback. Problem is that I work on a small (bad) screen (1600x900) so sometimes it’s difficult to imagine the wallpaper on a bigger screen. Made a few adjustments here .

Maybe you like on of them. If not, I can change them :wink:

(and it’s possible they are still too big :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )


Thank you for quick response, nice work, but my response was about this one .
What I like is a kind of understatement. As an example, I love galaxies and nebulas, but not as wallpaper because I would always look at the nice nebula, instead of doing my work (just for explanation).


Oooow now I see :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Best HD quality here
4K here


This is one of many that I love but cant use it. Its blurry on my display cause of the resolution. I need 1366x768. But, this is kinda strange when some of you work looks perfect and some dont. Im sure your not making some with higher resolution than others. Thats what got me baffled. There are a few I cant use due to resolution…


In theory it wouldn’t matter if you resize it with scale 1:1. But indeed, if I look at the wallpapers on my other monitor, sometimes it seems like they are blurry. Really weird. Also the colors are different on my own monitor. Ow, yeah, now I think about it, I use redshift :joy: :clown_face:

Problem is that I use a laptop with a medium quality screen. If I can, I will downsize the wallpapers in the future to 1366x768 :wink:


I to use a laptop…ALOT…LOL


Most people would make this in Inkscape, but I like Blender en tried a simple model. I will give it another try. This one was for testing purpose :wink:

Best quality

1366x768 here
1920x1080 here


Looks like it’s hand painted. :slight_smile:
For the girls in Manjaro - Team :wink: