Wallpapers by Lunix (just for fun)



Thanks :wink:


I really like this one except the gutter (?) at the bottom. I really like that manjaro ball. You should try to use it again.


Glad you liked it . The gutter is where the ball comes out. Ball will be used again :wink:


I’m Officially a KDE user now, yey ! :grin:

Original quality : here


I really like that design. Do you think you could replace the mauve tint with more a blue tint. Looks great regardless. :+1:


Give me the .blend I want to do this for Xfce, Deepin and i3 :wink: :smiley: :slight_smile:

Oh, no, I’m just only making avatars. :slight_smile:


If you feel like it how about this colour.



@tbg there you go… If you would change the color, let me know :wink:

link -> here


Very nicely done, I like that a lot. :+1:


@SGS No problem :wink: Here is the blend-file. You can change it the way you like. And if it doesn’t work, you’ll let me know, ok?

Have FUN !


thank you, test it tonight :slight_smile:


I don’t want to be rude. Is it possible to create this wallpaper in blue with grey background?


It is possible, but I’ll have to start all over because someone (me I guess :sweat_smile:) deleted the .blend-file. I’ve saved 2 files under the same name, jep, that’s me … I’ll give you a sign.


Not ready, only to show that I startet :wink:

Thanks again for making it available.


@Dickens1412 is this what you want? If it isn’t just let me know.


I love how you round off the edges :slight_smile:

Kudos, credits, hearts … to @Lunix

Do not open :-)


Great ! Did you use a glossy shader? I like your logo more than mine :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Metallic Principled BSDF and one Area Lamp.



That’s great! :smiley: But I had thought of the fact that only in the original picture the green colors are exchanged for blue colors. If it does not make too much trouble…:blush:


OK @Dickens1412, check these please. Made a few quickies… Maybe there is one you like, haha. Otherwise I will here it from you :wink: