Wallpapers by Lunix (just for fun)



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Original download here !


may I place an order too? :laughing:
I would appreciate a set of similar icons/images for the popular Linux distros, for a grub theme I’m struggling to make. If they’d be 3D-like, much better. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@petsam, is there an image (button) you like the most? I did a few quick buttons to test with GNOME. And what about the size. Does it matter? Color also maia? Just let me know and tonight I’ll give it a try with the other distros

Gnomebutton002 Gnomebutton007 Gnomebutton001 Gnomebutton005 Gnomebutton003 Gnomebutton004 Gnomebutton006


You really make it hard to choose!.. They are all awesome!
I choose this (for now…) :sweat_smile:
The size is enough for me. Thanks a lot!


Any for Openbox? :blush::grimacing:


@petsam I made a few examples. Just let me know if this is what you were looking. And can you tell me what other distrologo’s you want? I’ll see what I can do, but I’ll haven’t got much time at the moment, so I’ll make them whenever I got 5 minutes :wink: In dutch we say “tussen de soep en de patatten” :rofl:

Manjarobutton001 Fedorabutton001 Gnomebutton004 Ubuntubutton001 Archbutton001 Mintbutton001
debianbutton001 susebutton001 deepinbutton001


@jolupa Is this what you expected? If not, let me know and I see what I can do, but don’t expect miracles :blush:

Openboxbutton002 Openboxbutton001

Login Screen Wallpaper

After the potatoes, meaning after I “perfect” my theming and confirm everything works technically as expected, I will show you my work and then we see.
Thanks a lot!!!


My! love the first one! without the letters (just a question of preferences) I grab it!
Thanks a lot!!


Original image here


Original here


I made this one with the Mint logo, but with the Manjaro logo and colors this one looks way better. Sorry Mint.

Original file here


Best quality can be downloaded here


Best quality download here


Best quality download here


Best quality here


Used the previous image for this one :see_no_evil:

Best quality here


:slightly_smiling_face: Now, that is a brilliant-looking wallpaper!