Wallpapers by Lunix (just for fun)









Neverending November (2018) Screenshots
Most of users didn't like Adapta new style (ver.
Most of users didn't like Adapta new style (ver.

The Darkness -> Manjaro (…ooohooohoooh)



:cool: You certainly don’t want to capture this thread :wink:
The graphics are good for your own thread. :slight_smile:


Oops sorry, i though it was for everyone :upside_down_face:


You may post as much as you like in this one. But when I look at your pictures, I think we’ll be hearing from you in the future. And in that case… it’s better to start your own thread like @SGS suggested :wink:


Thanks and no problem, i will open a thread when i have more to show :wink:
And btw i love your work!


Original files are much better. (look at lightcircles)




AWESOME!!! Could you replace Red with …yep…you know me…Maia or (#1abc9c)? Greatly appreciated!!


No problem :wink: I was waiting for your request, haha… Hope this is what you had in mind?

original is here

You spoke of the red color so I assume you we’re talking about the gray wallpaper. If you meant the other, no problem, just let me know.


Yes I was talking about the other. Sorry I should have made sure I was commenting on the correct one. I also Love this one. It is now saved as one of my main…Thank You…


I hope this tags the photo…This is the one I was talking about…


Oops, my mistake. But here it is… (I think, haha)

The original file here


AWESOME!!! I really love your work. Great Job!!!


Best quality here

…based on the previous



Quality HERE

(If the ‘quality-image’ has also lightcircles, I would like to know. )


Manjaro sunburst


BTW this was the original I made. In my opinion, this one is better (less dark), so I also upload it.

2e here


Full quality HERE


My first real fractal. Some settings could be better, but it took me 2 hours to render this one. That’s enough :wink:

Best quality HERE


Really cool! Reminds me of the BORG.