Wallpapers by isfor


Just goofing around with GIMP…“Just for fun”.

Wallpapers by Lunix (just for fun)

:slightly_smiling_face: Fantastic-looking wallpaper!


Thanks Renard.


I’ll hope you’ll get bored a lot :wink: Thumbs up ! :metal:


This is just a practice piece. I’m still trying to acclimate to GIMP 2.10. A lot of new features and functions to figure out.

Inspired by Jesse Pinkman


Welcome back to isfor’s “Gallery of Bad Art”.


:slightly_smiling_face: The only issue that I have with those wallpapers is that they all have the old Manjaro logo (Personally, I would prefer to see them with Manjaro’s current logo).

However, they are elegant-looking!


Hi Renard. Fair enough. I’m rather partial to the logo above. It’s a classic! :wink:

You’re right, though. Should be promoting the newer version. :+1:


The punch-line of what I posted on the Linux Humor thread.


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