Wallpaper turning black

Hello everyone, this is my first time using Manjaro and being part of a community!
What’s happening is that, i chose an image from my pc to set as an wallpaper, and when i reboot my wallpaper is just black, i can change to another image and change to my “custom” wallpaper again and works, but everytime i boot, it became black again, and shows that my image is selected, but if i use an wallpaper from the system, this don’t happen, i can reboot and still with the wallpaper with no problem.
The system works just fine, no problem, i can use my pc with no problems, it’s really just the wallpaper.
Thank you.

Hello, would the image you choose be located in a separate drive/partition than your system’s?

If so, if the folder path of the image is not mounted at boot, the system cannot load it, hence black screen.

In case I’m right, copy your image locally, in your Documents or Images folder of your home, then set it as wallpaper.

Or, you may mount the image folder (or parent folder/partition) permanently at boot.

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It’s from a separate drive, how do i make this drive to be mounted when boot the system?

[root tip] Use systemd to mount ANY device and [root tip] systemd mount unit samples could be helpful.

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Worked putting the image on the same device of the system, i tried to do the automont, but i did something wrong, i’ll wait until i get better at linux and try to do again, but thank you :slight_smile:

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