Wallpaper - just for fun

I know I am not as talented as you guys when it comes to graphic design.
Still I quite like this.

Points for those who see the connection with Rock n Roll.

"Points mean prizes"!


Joking about the prizes.

Oh, and the wallpaper.

If @Lunix would act like the bitten apple, you would have an injunction in your mailbox :slight_smile: :wink:

Wallpapers by Lunix (just for fun)



Make the Logo in some of the wallpaper color, smaller and not near bottom and right side.
Only my taste. :wink:

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If Adam and Eve were around I would have had more than an injunction in my mail box.
The whole of Judeo-Christian culture would have been different!

The wallpaper, for the cultural critics in the forum, is a reference to Led Zeppelin IV.

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Hope this is better



Peeling Wallpaper Of Vintage Clothe ...