Wallpaper idea - "the future is rolling"

Hello, anyone with some graphics skills can make a real wallpaper from these (or inspired by them), my skills are stuck at Paint of windows xp :sweat:

Inspired by “The future is open” slogan and the rolling nature of Manjaro/Arch

Background not mine, Public Domain at publicdomainpictures.net

SVG, logo and background here on google drive


I like the first one, second not so much.

I always like the logo of Gentoo, and also Arch, Manjaro not so much and I have no idea what the last one is.

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The last Icon is Solus. They just update too 1.2.1. The version that they start rolling. https://solus-project.com/2016/07/24/replacement-of-release-schedule/
or could be wrong. It happen a few month ago.

like the second.
perhaps a darker color, which is the continuity of the process…

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:

It’s not the logos, the second one just seems too busy to me.
Actually to be honest, they both seem a bit large as far as the logos and wording.

Will. It will be nice to make the icon 1x1 pixel ^.~ < /sarcasm >
But ya. They are really big. Scaling it down maybe 25 to 30% may help. But the background does not seem to work for this.

Thanks for your feedback, made some change and a new one
I did get carried away by logo dimension, originals are 2000x2000 pixel, so big

In the first don’t know how to make the logo darker but the last

For the second a logo for Opensuse Tumbleweed would be nice but they haven’t a good one (don’t like this much)

Finally the third might be good and catch the idea


I like the 3 image with the wave. It feel less boring. If you can make manjaro look like it on a surfboard. It may look cooler. Not sure on this one. But could give it a try. Or a line art surfboard using part of manjaro icon as part of the fins of the surfboard.

I agree, number 3 is the winner. I’d leave it alone though, looks perfect to me.

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I like the second. I agree the logos and wording could be sized down a little and or re-positioned. It may seem a bit old fashioned but I think visually the logos further to the top left corner would work well.

Personally i dont like the font of manjaro, make bit rounder :stuck_out_tongue:

Riding the wave ! Remove “Manjaro” text because it is obviously not working out.

  1. Bad font choice
  2. Top alignment looks bad. Push it down, middling with M logo. or maybe remove “manjaro” altogether.

Font choice needs revisiting. Take your time, no need to hurry.

Solus is going rolling too. Manjaro budgie gonna get stiff competition now :yum:

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@ringosleeps … it need a little more rainbows. maybe a Unicorn and maybe just maybe “My Little Pony” :stuck_out_tongue:

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So True… :slight_smile:

LOL, Manjaro Three Paper Rollin’!

Made me genuinely laugh at the end of a crappy day, thanks for that.

Thanks to all, will search for other fonts

@ringosleeps what font have you used?

Z003Medium ? manjaro looks nicer with some nice roundings :slight_smile: manjaro used comfortaa in the past now i dont know, but yeah time change i guess :slight_smile:

I’ll submit one:

Original free image here


goes from “the future is rolling” to “In the beginning there was Manjaro”