Wallpaper i made for my own manjaro laptop. Hope You enjoy it


HI guys my name is Fabricio Lujano, i’m from Venezuela and soon moving to Argentina. I enjoy manjaro linux since long time ago. I am a professional Web developer. And i work ONLY with free software on my manjaro. I was in a discussion over internet with a friend about if linux can make you earn some money and then i showed him all my work and how i do it everyday. I feel so lucky for living doing something i love. I also enjoy a lot teaching others through youtube everything i know and soon with my own new web in a section named BLOG you will find a lot of tutorials in english and also in spanish.

Anyway, i was giving you a little part of me LOL here is the wallpaper and the Logo i enhanced for my own use. Feel free to use it.



thanks for all the likes… i am gonna show you how it looks on my desktop

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There is a monthly desktop-screenshot thread you may want to check out if you haven’t already. You can post this there.

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thanks gonna check that and publish there