Wallpaper changes when I open my terminal

Today I decided to install i3wm and all has been going well, until I tried changing my wallpaper.
Every time I open the terminal the wallpaper changes to a specific image in my backgrounds directory.
I have searched through .zshrc, .profile, .bashrc and any similar script that I know could execute when the terminal is opened, but to no avail.
Is there any way to source the root of my problem here?

  • c4melman

How are you changing your wallpaper to begin with?
Does your i3 config contain any mentions of nitrogen, feh, or other programs that could set the wallpaper?

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At the moment there is no such line in my i3 config. However if I launch nitrogen and assign a wallpaper, it will persist until I open a new instance of the terminal.

I figured it out, didn’t know that wal -R would also set my wallpaper…
Removed it from my .zshrc and it was fixed.

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