Waiting for another package manager to quit still not fixed

First off, I know there are a bunch of other posts about this here, but they are all closed and the problem still hasn't been fixed. None of the solutions in any of the existing posts work for me. Has anyone figured out what's going on?

Pacman works in CLI, and there is no lck file. I have checked the built in task manager and htop for pamac related tasks and pamac-system-daemon is not showing on my system.

A couple of people have mentioned the mirror list, but the suggested solution is just keep trying different lists until you find one that works, but that doesn't work, and as far as I can tell there is no proof that the mirror list is actually causing this problem. Besides that, even if a mirror list was bad, pamac should be able to move on without freezing up.

Logging out and back in does fix, so reboot not required.

I had automatically download updates turned on. I thought maybe if it is a mirror causing the hang then it might be happening in the background when automatically downloading updates.

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I also got this issue at the start of my i3 install.

sudo rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck

This solved it for me, but i have no idea if it's permanent solution or not. It has not happened to me again at least.

Thanks for the information @Xian, but that is a different problem. When the database is locked it's because another package manager was open and didn't shut down properly or is still currently open. The situation I'm experiencing is giving me the same error you have, but there are no lck files and no other instances of package managers running on the machine.

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Have you tried all the alternate package managers (pacman, pamac, octopi). Also have you tried uninstalling the package manager and reinstalling from your package cache. You could also try downgrading the package manager version, although that is not recommended.

pacman does work in the terminal when experiencing the problem with pamac. Have not tried octopi.

I didn't re-install because pamac hasn't been updated since I installed the system, but I'll give it a go anyway just in case. Since there haven't been any updates pamac since installing, I don't have any old versions in the cache and I didn't want to downgrade from ALA.

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no, pamac use also db.lck (alpm functionality , so for all)
also, a notify in tray can create db.lck

Just to speed things up, which methods did you try? When people say they tried everything, they usually have not tried everything. I mean people in general... not saying you are one of those people. :wink:


lol, @korealinux I definitely have not tried everything.. specifically I didn't manually test each individual mirror.

just what was mentioned in previous posts about this issue.

It's a bug. It's being looked into. Be patient.