Waiting for 1 module

Hi everyone I have some issue with installation Manjaro Linux the same problem still occurs
What I try :

  • i try different USB stick
    -different computer
    -change SATA OPERATION Mode
    -download ISO Manjaro several times nothing works :frowning_face:
    plis I need help !!!

Hi and welcome to the forum :+1:

Your topic title says “Waiting for 1 module” but you didn’t provide info on what module it is waiting for and also no info about when you get that message.
eg, while booting from the hard disk, or while booting from the install image.

Also please see:

Hello @Michaall65 :wink:

If you mean the installer, then it takes a while until the module is loaded depending on your system… Since you don’t provide no information I would have to look into my glass globe. :mage: