Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch Tablet CTH-690 wird nicht erkannt

Hallo, ich habe ein altes Wacom CTH-690 Tablet aus dem Jahr 2015. Nach dem Einstecken funktioniert das Tablet zwar teilweise, aber es wird vom System nicht erkannt.

Lässt sich das irgendwie ändern?


Es gibt zu Wacom einen wiki-Eintrag, vielleicht ist ja ein brauchbarer Hinweis dabei:

Sorry for my reply in English, but i think will do it ...
The wiki needs an update as the kcm-wacomtablet is in our repos and doesn't need to be installed from AUR anymore. From the screenshot it seems is already installed, and with it it also installed the xf86-input-wacom for the Stylus (on some models) to work.
The only problem now is that you have to disconnect and reconnect the tablet in order to work. Since kernel 4.5 upward there is a connect/disconnect event that makes the tablet as if is not working.
Another way instead of disconnecting it and connecting it back again is to Stop and Start again the Wacom Tablet Service in Settings >Startup and Shutdown > Background Services.

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Thanks for your reply! Disconnect and reconnect the tablet has not helped, but after restarting my notebook the tablet is working fine. I've installed kc-wacomtablet from Octopi.

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Yes, the system needs a reboot after installing kcm-wacomtablet. Glad you sorted it out, and if in the future you notice is not recognized, you just need to do the Service part.
Cheers and happy drawing! :wink:

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