[VSCodium] Zone file language extension

How do we install extensions for language support?
Normally we use the extensions menu to search for extensions, but…

In my case i wanted to try GitHub - compilenix/vscode-zonefile: Visual Studio Code - Bind Zone File syntax highlighting
On it’s marketplace page it shows as instructions:


Launch VS Code Quick Open ( Ctrl+P ), paste the following command, and press enter.
ext install Compilenix.vscode-zonefile

But this doesn’t work.
Any help appriciated…

Download extension, install it from vsix file.

Could you provide a step by step instructions?
Because im a total noob when it comes to what you say…

Sidebar on right, click Download Extension.

In Code: Select extensions panel, click on top right of panel, choose Install from VSIX…, select downloaded file.

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Thanks that worked :+1:

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