Volunteers needed

I’ve found the openbox ISO not building correctly with gpicview-gtk, changing the line to gpicview does build the ISO correctly.

Here I explain and thank you but it seems that for me it is not possible to collaborate beyond what is here in the forum grateful for the effort in helping me!

Until you get something stable up and running I have rebuilt the ISOs using the latest stable repo.

They can be fetched from my highly unofficial iso repo at https://iso.uex.dk


and i figured out how Github Actions worked thanks to @philm s Youtube video he posted yesterday and updated the awesome image: Updated Manjaro Awesome Image - #8 by bittin


For anybody looking for a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2t5Iat37CI


I hear you on the “aging faster than anticipated” thing. Life is a trip. An unpredictable, painful, awesome trip.

Thanks for maintaining the Openbox edition, and thanks especially for posting those latest builds. I wish I had the Linux know-how to take over, because I :heart: Openbox. But I am also aging faster than anticipated and so don’t have the leftover resources to learn what I would need to quickly enough to get it done and keep getting it done.

Take good care of yourself!


My dear @linux-aarhus first thank you for all your work with LXQt, LXDE and Openbox!

I have the manjaro LXQt version installed from the version that is available on the website: Manjaro - LXQt

It is installed on my computer and from there I made my modifications to ~/iso-pofiles/community/lxqt; hence I generated an ISO LXQT, LXDE fully functional and stable, which I installed on other computers of people of my family and close friends.

With that I already use my ISO created by manjaro-tools with changes to some packages, wallpapers, login screen theme, etc.

I am new here in the forum but I am not new in the use of manjaro linux, I have used manjaro since its first version and I also participated in the construction of the manjaro Brazil forum, my real problem is the “universal” English language that I have no control over.

So I gave up on being one to collaborate with the update of the ISOs because I don’t understand English well and the google translator doesn’t help much either, sorry for the long message and thanks for your attention.

T+ = See you later


Thank’s @freggel.doe also @bittin

So I will try to understand the use of GitHub

T+ = See you later

Thank you for maintaining these so long. They were always rock solid ime. It takes a lot of work to keep up w three editions.

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Wow the team removed the LXQt manjaro, I’m glad I have mine here he he he

Thanks for the teachings @linux-aarhus and all, @philm by the tool manjaro-tools

With this I can keep my manjaro always with updated LXQt

T+ = See you later

@linux-aarhus you built the ISO of manjaro LXQt with sddm?


T+ = See you later

I think so - yes - why?

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No, no problem, it was because I was used to the ISO from the manjaro community website and it was with lightdm.

And as there is no more and I had to reinstall here I took yours with sddm

Thank you for your time building these ISOs for us @linux-aarhus!!!

Oh, and I’m sorry that my English doesn’t help much for me to try to help in the continuity of this ISO there by Github / Gitlab

T+ = See you later

I have been working on a bluish theme using Nord theming - just named Norse instead.

I have created reworked a sddm theme and a refind theme - both in the repo - slowly getting it implemented.

I just had to realize that I cannot keep up - which is why I resigned - I have not lost interest - just the opposite - but I am taking it down tempo.


Yes I understood.

I would like to be able to understand github and what should be done to update the ISOs LXQt, LXDE and Openbox, it would be a pleasure for me. Since I use LXQt, first because it is the most similar to KDE and also because my PC AMD C-60 is very weak for KDE.

So, as I said, it would be a pleasure to continue to collaborate with these ISOs that you maintained, but the problem is only one: “I understand English “patavinas” and much less github”

T+ = See you later

It is fairly easy - when you the hang of it.


https://maboxlinux.org/ is working on updated Openbox: Openbox Manjaro images


Hello everyone,

As I have no intimacy with GitHub or GitLab, unfortunately I can’t collaborate on the sequencing of the LXQt and LXDE ISOs.

But I keep generating and improving what I can in ISOs and storing the ISOs on my google drive, to serve my Brazilian friends.

It’s a shame for me not to be able to collaborate with this so friendly community that is the manjaro community, all this is my fault for not understanding the language and github.

And also because I don’t know how to do this:

What I really come to know here is: if what I’m doing here for only private friends in Brazil, is it wrong for me to distribute these LXDE and LXQt ISOs?

Sorry for the long message

T+ = See you later

Even for my own use I keep updating my ISO, with some changes in the wallpaper and firewall part that I left the UFW.

This I do not to lose the use of manjaro lxqt which is the best for my PC long life to @linux-aarhus long life to Manjaro LXQt

Too bad I’m so dumb to understand what to do in github and gitlab, because I could share what I’ve modified and maybe manjaro lxqt would be available for community download again

T+ = See you later