Volume level not showing in KDE when adjusting levels

I’ve just reinstalled Manjaro KDE (20.2.1). Previously whenever I changed audio vol from my hyperx 7.1 headphones, I got a vol slider just above the taskbar showing vol level and if i was going up or down. That’s not happening now but I don’t have any idea what controls this?

Hi @Tony, and welcome!

While I’ve never before heard of that, it sounds like something that has to be specially implemented by either drivers or custom software. It’s not default behavior. Because a volume button on your headphones themselves would be hardware based while the KDE volume control is software based.

So there has to be some way for the two to interact.

The headphones are USB so appear in audio as Analog Output (HyperX 7.1). I don’t ever recall installing anything to give me this volume indicator, so I’m completely baffled to what it was. When I upgraded my PC last year, it was there but this time, it’s not. I’m pretty sure it’s not a Plasma add-on

Was your previous PC Windows? Or also Manjaro?

According to this reddit post:

we do not officially support OS X/Linux at the moment, and therefore can’t provide any type of support at the moment when it comes to drivers/software

So at quick glance, it would seem that you are a tiny bit out of luck.

I also don’t think USB is analogue, but either way, the USB connection would be how the bidirectional communication is achieved, so that you can see on the computer’s screen when you adjust the volume on the headphones.

Sorry, I was using Manjaro, before that kubuntu. And same thing in Kubuntu, I had the slider show up on screen.
I’ll try the headphones on a diff USB tomorrow and I’ll boot from live usb key to test it there.
Makes sense the headphones are communicating with via the USB to the OS. I just can’t find anything on google that tells me how it’s showing the volume slider on screen.
For some reason the hyperx always comes up as analog.

Well, then I’m afraid I’m all out of ideas.

Terribly sorry.

Thanks anyway but now it’s back. It shows up as a square icon maybe an inch and 1/2 in diameter with a slider below it.
I’m at a complete loss because suddenly it’s showing up! I swear I wasn’t drunk or stoned (or maybe that was my problem)
I haven’t installed anything audio wise or even plasmoids
I checked on chromeos and win10 and these headphones show similar vol slider on them.
As the headphones are basically a sound card, running on USB, maybe its a kernel thing but anyway it’s working now.

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I’m glad it’s back, if nothing else.