Volume control and 2 soundcards

hi folks,

i observed the behavior, that the spotify app gets muted in volume control when changing the output.

I have 2 soundcards once I do any change on the output, spotify gets muted. all other applications remain in normal operation.
is that typical behavior or can I change it?
spotify is installed via snaps

both soundcards are connected via usb

I suggest you check information about the different active audio streams

pacmd list-sink-inputs

that will show if spotify is muted or suspended

but it might just be ‘corked’. Some music or video players will pause playback if Teamspeak or similar VOIP call is active

There is a PulseAudio module that can be unloaded so audio streams do not get corked

pacmd unload-module module-role-cork

That may stop spotify being muted when teamspeak is in use

That command does not permanently disable the module and it will be re-loaded if
the system is restarted.
The module can be permanently disabled permanently by editing PulseAudio configuration file /etc/pulse/default.pa

thanks for your reply, i found this already and commented the line out.
but needed to restart :wink:

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