Volume buttons don't control actual volume

Hello everyone.
I'm new to Manjaro and in the works to set up my first install.
Encountered a problem hopefully someone can help me with.

The volume buttons on my Thinkpad X1C7 control the scroll bar found in multimedia/audio volume/devices, but not the hearable sound.

When playing music I have to use the scroll bar in the browser window to control the volume. This also control the scroll bar found in multimedia/audio volume/applications.

So, I know that both controls work and they are found right next to each other in multimedia setting.
But how do I make them talk to each other so I can control the actual volume with the buttons?

Am I the only one facing issues with adjusting the volume with the computers hardware buttons?

empty posting is not acceptable here
more likely to get your request ignored

There are 2 plugins for XFCE to map audio control from keyboard to Pulseaudio or ALSA

KDE may have something similar

or else pulseaudio-ctl configured with DE keymap settings


Scroll down to volume control.


I think this was bumping, not power posting. But still bad either way.

Instead of asking the question again in the same thread in a generic way which brings no new information, they should have googled the question in a more specific way. I think people misunderstand sometimes what the function of a forum is. It is not to answer questions you can google easily.

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