Volume and Brightness buttons


I have just installed Manjaro and my volume/brightness keys aren't working. When I click on my volume buttons, nothing happens. When I click on my brightness buttons, the interface showing my brightness pops up, but it can't be modified.


  • Dell Latitude e5450
  • Xfce
  • Kyria 19.0.2
  • Just installed today
  • UEFI

Let me know if you need more information.


A couple of things are mentioned here
Not quite the answer you are looking for, but you can always check the specific wiki

Thanks for the links!

I installed xbacklight and Xbindkeys. The brightness can be changed manually, it works. The buttons set in my .xbindkeysrc for brightness don't, however.

When I run xbindkeys -n, I get:

*** Warning ***
Please verify that there is not another program running
which captures one of the keys captured by xbindkeys.
It seems that there is a conflict, and xbindkeys can't
grab all the keys defined in its configuration file.

What other program might define XF86MonBrightnessUp?

Update for volume buttons:

I added the PulseAudio Plugin to my panel and it seems to have unlocked the volume buttons!

Still need to figure out the brightness ones.

I have tried things without success, for the brightness adjustment. For some reason, when I press the brightness keys, it pops up XFCE's brightness window, but it doesn't go down or up. If I modify the brightness from the battery icon in the panel, it works though.

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