Voidlinux.eu lapsed, NOT owned by Void Linux


We would like to warn people of a domain name that is no longer under Void Linux control. voidlinux.eu lapsed in its original registration, and was purchased by an unknown 3rd party before Void Linux could regain ownership. At this time, please assume that anything involving voidlinux.eu is not related to Void Linux, and should be considered potentially malicious. Of course, if the person who owns the domain now would like to transfer it to our control, we’d be grateful, and will update voidlinux.org to indicate if this happens.

Our official domain is VoidLinux.org.



Why does this stuff keep happening? I’d have thought that one of THE highest-priority intellectual property ownership issues is an organisation’s website. How can it be that we keep reading of such matters, when the kiddies [apparently] running these shows are so incompetent that they allow their registrations to lapse, thus be “stolen”? I mean, just how singularly incompetent does one have to be, to let that happen? Yet another example of Darwinism at work, i suppose…


Oh dont be so harsh.
We generally respect void round these parts.
And it is run by a handful of volunteers. Even much smaller than manjaro.
I think this may have something to do with their previous scenario of one of the founders/leads who held most accounts went and disappeared.


Harsh, maybe, but what about the substantive matter i mentioned? My post, btw, was not really focused only on Void, but the bigger picture… as i said, these events seem to occur far too often. Dunno why protecting one’s IP assets seems to be off-radar for all these people.


I don’t know how current the situation is, but I read (not exactly sure where) recently that the lead dev of Void (controlled github, irc, domains, etc) went MIA some months ago and no one has heard from him. That could be the reason for the domain expiration.


I agree with it being a low(or high … however you take that) level issue.

But as I mentioned … this is kind of the ‘what if linus gets hit by a bus’ situation that many small projects are vulnerable to unless they take certain mitigating actions, which may or may not even be possible depending on the core.

[if I go dark … no one is going to be able to sign into my gitlab … not such a big deal … but if folks rely on it … it starts to become a deal]


…and that is the nub of the matter. Ergo, as consequence-severity increases, so should preparatory contingency planning. I’m a [now retired] professional engineer, & “distance gazing” is as natural to me as breathing [aided of course by my over-abundant dollop of pessimism]… though the girl took herself out of engineering, it seems harder to prise the engineering outta the girl, hence i continue to always think of things --everything-- in terms of “what could go wrong, what might go wrong, what would be the implications, what then should i do now?” i never do grasp why some people leave such gaping cognitive chasms in their approach to this crazy thing some call “life”.


I call that ‘background noise’. Always fun times. :partying_face:

And yes I agree with you … but for example, it wouldnt ever even cross my mind to think that any bit of the world would turn ever so slightly upside down just because of little ol me.


Nooooooooo, no. It’s here that The Total Perspective Vortex is helpful [got any fairy cake handy?]. It’s a question of planning matching the scale of the risk & severity… small potential downsides imply relatively little contingency-planning might be fine, but not so once scale-up occurs.

Eg, some single people would think [rightly, maybe] that life insurance is irrelevant to them [if they cark it, no family is left destitute], whereas some/many people with families [esp. if with still-dependent kids] might opine that LA is necessary. Cost/benefit… risk-assessment … contingency-planning.

Here’s a super massively trivial superficial personal example. My memory [apart from important stuff like HHGTTG & Monty Python, natch] is seriously lousy. I doubt my capacity to remember ahead of time that my house / car / salamander insurance falls due on dd/mm/yy, so i create an entry for it in Thunderbird. I then wonder what might happen if TB goes down, so i also use KMyMoney to remind me. Who knows, maybe if i were the kind of clever entrepreneurial person who started up a company or organisation, which created IP along the way, i might even make myself a TB reminder about it. If others also relied on this IP, i might even arrange that we all used the same TB db… or whatever makes better sense for their organisation.

Yes, you’re perfectly correct; i never was the life of any party.



:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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Excellent engineering innovation https://www.smh.com.au/business/small-business/how-a-sydney-startup-is-using-artificial-intelligence-to-fix-sewerage-pipes-20190212-p50x7l.html Quick, someone, anyone, email them to remind them to protect their website! :fearful:

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domain scalping

from what i read recently on a subreddit , domain sellers and resellers are using some API, and are buying up, instantly … many sought after domain names. sometimes bypassing the original owner and even placing hold/buy offers, before the domain expires.

@kdemeoz please give me some examples as to how one could protect his intellectual property assets.
im not being sarcastic, i just really want to know more :smiley:


Isn’t this is technically the same issue they had before? Before they reported that they had lost control of the domain, now they are reporting that someone else has taken control of the domain.

The most obvious answer would be to ensure that a single person isn’t in sole control of your IP.

Anyone can put a buy order in on an active domain. However, for the order to be processed, the existing domain holder must let the domain expire AND there is usually a waiting period.

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not all TLD follow those rules…


My remark, & elevated Coefficient of Gobsmackedness, was triggered by…

…therefore, i’d have thought it was kinda sorta duh-obvious & simple, to make a note in one’s diary, say for a week or a month before the initial / previous registration is due to expire, to… y’know… renew the bloody thing. Science for rockets, not.

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