Vnstat in conky

I have installed vnstat so it can run in my Conky. I get this message when I try to run it. I’m having no luck with the help and man page for it.

Error: Failed to open database “/var/lib/vnstat/vnstat.db” in read-only mode.
The vnStat daemon should have created the database when started.
Check that it is configured and running. See also “man vnstatd”.

Can anybody help me please.

Well, did you…


I could not see anything in the man page or help that helped.

How about the Arch wiki entry for Vnstat then? It’s rather simple and straight to the point.

This is how I got it working. Was a couple of years ago though.

sudo pacman -S vnstat

sudo systemctl start vnstat.service

sudo systemctl enable vnstat.service

Preferred network -
sudo vnstat --iflist

sudo vnstat -u -i ??? (from iflist above)

sudo vnstat -q (Should be working)

I did it just didn’t seem to cover my problem.

Yes that did it. Thank you

I just came back to Manjaro from Kubuntu and it’s a relearning curve.