VNC Server Setup

Hi all. I’ve tried installing VNC per TigerVNC - ArchWiki and immediately run into the problem of running vncpasswd and getting an error that doesn’t exist. I don’t really want anyone to hold my hand on this but am wondering if anyone knows of an up to date documentation for setting up a VNC server for a headless machine running the latest updates of Manjaro with the default XFCE desktop.

All I can say is that the binary vncpasswd should be in /usr/bin and is part of the tigervnc package - I just downloaded the package and looked inside.
I then installed - and it is there immediately.

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Did you install the one in the repo or download the source?

from standard repo
via pacman

Apparently I had a big brain fart, because I was entering vncpassword Once I saw it was in fact there, I went through my bash history and I was entering wrong. I’ve done a million password resets with the command passwd and have never done such a thing. Human error strikes again.

Thanks for your time. :grinning:

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