[vmware-workstation] not the latest version stable branch

VMWare Workstation latest Version is not in the manjaro repos (checked stable, don’t know about others)


That is because it is an AUR package.

VMware is a commercially developed application and Arch based distributions are not officially supported by VMware which makes it unsupported on Manjaro.

If you want to install VMware products - you will have to do it on your own using e.g.

pamac builld vmware-workstation

Please note that you must install the headers relevant to your kernel(s) prior to building the AUR package. If you are using Linux 5.10 RC there is a fair chance it won’t work.

I have it installed, but it goes to 16.0.0 and Pamac doesn’t noticed my about and update about this aur package (check for aur updates enabled)

If I remember correctly last time vmware workstation updated it broke compatibility with kernel 5.8 and 5.9 and the maintainer had to patch it. Maybe the new version is the same and the maintainer might have to patch it for compatibility? Just a guess

Just checked vmare website and latest version is 16.1 from 2020-11-19 the aur version is 16.1.0-1from 20-11-20

thank you @linux-aarhus now I am using the latest version as expected.

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