VMware Player 14 install shows "configuring" but nothing happening


Hi All,
KDE 5.38.0 Plasma 5.10.5 Manjaro 17.0.5 Gellivara
Kernel: x86_64 Linux 4.9.51-1-MANJARO
Have Oracle Vbox running fine now.

Need VMware player to convert some previous VMs

Followed almost all of these tips, except for “Kernel Modules” section

install script runs smoothly, takes answers, and then stops dead,
"Please wait…configuring" (but nothing going on!)

3 tries later, and a long time later…install process just sits there.

Anyone else tried this…?


(moved from #technical-issues-and-assistance:applications to #technical-issues-and-assistance:aur; this application is not in the Manjaro repos, or even in the AUR, but there’s nowhere better to put the thread)

VMWare Player is not even in the AUR, so that should give the hint that it doesn’t work (easily?) under Arch-based distros.


Why not use the CLI to do this task?


I gave up on VMware long time ago. VBox does the same things i need, and other things even better, no vmmon issues if i switch the kernels …
You can use QEMU to convert the vmdk to vdi, or other methods. Not sure if VBox is not even able to use directly the vmdk and the only thing you have to do is to create a new VM and use that/those vmdk, since can create vmdk.


@bogdancovaciu @deuxemm

No conversions is needed to use a vm located in a vmdk file.

Just create a new virtual machine and when you come to the point of the virtual hd don’t create one just attach your vmdk file.

When you run your vm - start by removing the vmware guest files then mount the guest utils iso and install the vbox utils.

And you are done.

On a side note: When you execute an export appliance from the File menu in VBox the resulting files contain a virtual harddisk in vmdk format - which is the universal format used by the ovf standard


Thanks for response guys. The question was perhaps not clear. I don’t really care about Vbox. I got it working. It has limitations which are a pain-in-da-*
Any who, Vmware is no longer an issue. Got that working now too.


It’s good practice to say how, in case e.g. someone else comes to the thread with a similar issue.



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