VMWare Not working

I’m having an issue with VMWare Workstation where every time I run it it says that “not all modules could be installed”. I’m running kernel version 5.4, please help.

Where did you install it From? If you install the aur version it should work

VMware is a commercially developed application with their own support channels.

I got it from vmware’s website if that helps any.

Out of curiosity, why not just use virt-manager?

I didn’t know that was a thing but I’ll check it out, thanks!

What graphics card are you using?

I did a tutorial on installing virt-manager… Virtual Machine Manager w/UEFI support - DeLinuxCo Workstation

Also, according to vmware’s website, AMD graphics Cards are not supported in Linux Hosts.

If you search the forum there was someone who had the exact same issue when downloading from the Website about a week ago and they managed to manually install the missing modules. But the easiest fix is to uninstall and then use the aur version then the missing modules will get installed