VMWare mesa update broke display

The last big update (Jan 13) broke a VM running Manjaro. The system runs but the display is black with occasional bugged pieces of windows or icons appearing randomly. I could ssh into the VM to fix it.

I pinned down the issue to those packages:

mesa 1:23.3.3-1
lib32-mesa 1:23.3.3-1

Using an older LTS kernel (6.1) doesn’t help. Rolling back to the previous mesa version (1:23.1.9-1) fixes everything.

The host is Win10 (i7 8700k, nvidia 1080ti). VMWare 17 workstation player. VM is Manjaro Cinnamon (kernel LTS 6.6).
(note: the update went perfectly fine on baremetal desktop and laptop; only the VM is affected)

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Mesa 2.3.3 seem to have some issue…

There is too many unknowns with such a setup - making it is impossible to provide any meaningful comment.

  1. VMware is unsupported
  2. Windows as host is unsupported