VMware Failed Install

Sorry If It Is A Duplicate Thread…

Iam New to Arch Based Linux.

Iam Using Manjaro-Gnome

The Problem Is, I Was Installing VM-Ware Workstation .bundle File But I Canceled It With Ctrl+c in the middle, I want To Completely Remove The Remaining Files Where Are The Partially Installed Files Stored?


Hello :slightly_smiling_face:!
Have you tried the command

sudo ./<name of vmware .bundle file> -u vmware-workstation


Thankyou For Replying…

I Think It Needs The Installation Bundle Right?
I Do Deleted That :sweat_smile: ,But I Try That Command By Redownloading The Bundle.

Once Again Thankyou So Much For Replying…:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

It is indeed duplicate - it has been asked and answered numerous times - please use the forum search function :mag: in upper right corner.

If you check with VMware website and supported Linux distributions then you will find that Arch based Linux is unsupported.

You may have success using the AUR build script - but remember to install the headers relevant to your system kernel beforehand then build vmware workstation from AUR

pamac build vmware-workstation