VLC not playing RTSP://

It seems that a recent update broke VLC RTSP player protocol. I used to watch my ip-cam there with the link: rtsp://admin:PASS@the.ip.goes.here

Now, if I try, I get this error on the VLC window:

Your input can’t be opened:
VLC is unable to open the MRL ‘rtsp://REMOVING.IP.ADDRESS’. Check the log for details.

And on the terminal I get this:

VLC media player 3.0.18 Vetinari (revision 3.0.13-8-g41878ff4f2)
[0000563f60b28550] main libvlc: Running vlc with the default interface. Use ‘cvlc’ to use vlc without interface.
[00007fabf80016b0] satip stream error: Failed to setup RTSP session
[00007fabf80016b0] satip stream error: Failed to teardown RTSP session

I’ve tried to remove all VLC config files and it didn’t fix it.

I’ve installed the flatpack version, and it works fine (same VLC version 3.0.18).