Vlc is still running in background

I closed vlc app but it still running in background.
so i opened task manager and tried to kill there but it is still running in background.
need help

can you provide the output of ps aux | grep vlc

We talked about this in the zombie vlc thread. Try killing in htop. Again I’d always recommend stopping the video before closing vlc.

I’ve started using Ctrl+Q to quit VLC. Seems to work well.


[lokeshganesh75@noname ~]$ ps aux | grep vlc
lokeshg+  1314  3.0  1.3 1840104 19752 ?       Sl   09:11   2:45 /usr/bin/vlc --started-from-file /run/media/lokeshganesh75/f6402275-8054-4d8d-a079-0d2ef5976dbb/Downloads/ZIrn.Fst.S02E09/Marvels.Iron.Fist.S02E09.480p.WEB.mkv
lokeshg+  3792  0.0  0.1   8188  2184 pts/1    S+   10:41   0:00 grep --colour=auto vlc

i also tried that but sometimes it works and sometimes it don’t

sorry but none of the above that you are telling is not working
i tried sopping before closing
i tried to stop using task manager

This is known bug, this has been stated before, in many different threads.

When you get a zombie vlc process you will need to KILL it, attempting to simply stop the process won’t work.

My workaround is to stop the video playing then quit the app, works for me, but if you only close the app window then you will get seemingly random vlc zombie processes.

If this is too onerous the maybe consider another media player (ie SMPlayer).


thanks man, i wll try smplayer

Is there a report on this?

I looked for upstream bug reports when I first started encountering these zombie processes … but TBH I cannot remember what I found.

Kill it with style.

Nothing but bugs with LO & VLC these days it seems.

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