Vlc is not showing video

VLC is not displaying/showing video just playing audio.
before updating manjaro kde vlc just working fine. but after updating the manjaro the vlc is not showing video it just play the audio of video files . i had issue while updating manjaro is
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies):: installing x264 (3:0.161.r3039.544c61f-1) breaks dependency ‘libx264.so=160-64’ required by ffmpeg0.10

but i update it any way.
now i reinstall vlc , restart system but nothing work.
i open vlc in through terminal and here is output error:
hardware decoding
[h264 @ 0x7fbe28ea1400] hardware accelerator failed to decode picture

now install dragon player all video just working fine in dragon player. but vlc is not still playing video

You need to not do things ‘anyway’ when you have warnings of this kind. Look at the message and act upon it.

You may have installed external packages regarding ffmpeg/x264?

no. i just fresh install manjaro and update it.

This is not a default package. It’s one you installed.

Please remove it and install ffmpeg from the repo instead. Unless you actually need ffmpeg0.10 for a specific reason, since it’s and AUR package. In that case, you should talk to the package maintainer for ffmpeg0.10 about your issue.