VLC interface looking weird on Cinnamon



I have a relatively fresh Cinnamon install. I also use a number of QT apps.

I used Kvantum Manager to set the KvGnome theme, and according to the wiki I’ve applied the settings for qt5ct.

This helped clear up the bad font rendering in for example KDEnlive, which looks normal now.

However, VLC looks weird. The buttons are like twice too big and the menu looks bad too.

Here is a screenshot of what VLC looks like on my new install:

I know VLC can look normal on Cinnamon, because this is a screenshot of what VLC looks like on my old laptop with Manjaro Cinnamon:

What can I do to fix how VLC looks?


Looks like a scaling issue.

Have you tired the solution in the last post of this thread?


Thanks! I added that line directly to my .profile and it worked.

What’s strange though, I followed the wiki exactly and added those lines to my /etc/profile and sourced it. The first variable was added to my .profile, but the second not.

Oh well, it works now.

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