VLC Fullscreen Interface bug and another small issue, possible to fix?

When im playing a video in VLC Player in fullscreen, the Interface won’t align to the bottom… like it does in Windows, its flying above where my Taskbar is hidden in fullscreen.

I verified it has some problems related to the taskbar settings… i know there are some settings for the taskbar, but i like the default settings (always visible and always on top) just like in windows and since there are any problems with the Interface, i want to ask if anyone know a solution maybe in VLC Advanced settings or something like that?

Edit: i also has a second bug in VLC, where my mouse cursor sometimes vanished for a few seconds after i dragging a file into the VLC window.

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Do you mean that if you maximize the VLC window, it should not cover your Task Manager if the Task Manager panel’s settings are set to “Always Visible”? (“Taskbar” = Windows Terminology, so “Task Manager” = KDE terminology for “the long ribbon at the bottom of your screen”)

It does that out of the box on my KDE system… Do you have any additional docks or another setting like “Window can cover” installed or set respectively?


If im maximize (not fullscreen) the VLC or other windows, i want to always see my Task Bar.
But important for me: When the video is in fullscreen the KDE Taskbar block the VLC interface to move/align to the bottom.

Taskbar Options like Window can cover or Auto Hide is also disabled (It would fix the problem that im aware of but with a big step back for Window Controls in Linux), because i don’t like this feature… i never used it in Windows too.

Is there a way to behave VLC Player like it does in Windows?

I have no additional Tools installed, only just a few Desktop Layout Themes (colours/icon’s) but i don’t think this is the reason, why VLC Interface conflict with the KDE Taskbar in Fullscreen Mode.

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Ah! I see what you mean now:

The only way that’s going to change is if you file a bug with the VLC team and have them make it an option in the interface.

(And that the only answer unfortunately, so I’ve marked it as such.) If you do file a bug, post the bug link below this message.

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Looks like that someone reported this bug 19month ago, the VLC Support is ignoring this bug and is telling the bug reporter, it should reported to KDE Developers…:


I really don’t get it, why this very old bug still not fixed after all this time and with a pretty famous and preinstalled Linux Video Player :frowning:

Well, from a KDE perspective it’s “by design” and from a VideoLan perspective it’s “a KDE bug” so you have the following options:

  1. Live with it
    • Roll up your sleeves,
    • correct the bug in VLC,
    • send the patch upstream informing Azarilh that you fixed it.
    • enjoy your own fix while the VideoLan devs get their heads out of their arses implement your fix
    • Report a bug on KDE,
    • ask the KDE devs for proof that it’s not KDE,
    • go back to videolan bug tracker and reopen the old bug
    • provide proof from KDE
    • Play human mail server between the two bug tracking systems until the bug is solved.


I’ve done #3 here on the forum because the devs also said “It’s a bug in the library we’re using” so I reopened the old bug then proved them wrong and then they took 7 months fixing it.
That methodology is actually a thing and called “Swivel Chair Management”


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Thanks for response, i think i try option 3

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