Vlc does not end process after closed

I noticed that after watching a video or movie on VLC, the process keeps running and I can’t finish it, which makes it impossible to open it again, does anyone have any idea how to solve the problem?


Yes, in my case a few others, the proper settings was a fix.

To solve this you need to go to VLC settings (click on Tools > Preferences > Video) and find the proper video output and input/codecs options for your device (click on Tools > Preferences > Input/Codecs) .

It may be VDPAU or XCB or others, there is an entire list of available options. You can test and change to see which works best for you.


This problem annoyed me so much a year or so ago, that I stopped using VLC and started using SMPlayer instead. So, if you are looking for alternatives, SMPlayer is my recommendation.


Mudei para o xcb e deu certo, orbigado pela ajuda

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