VLC crash when trying to use UPnP

The stable update on Feb 28 2021 broke VLC’s ability to play from UPnP sources
for me. On launch, as soon as I click on Playlist Sidebar → Local Network →
Universal Plug’n’Play, VLC crashes with a message similar to the following:

[293938.927605] vlc[4068353]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f69d414fc30 sp 00007f69d61cc8b0 error 4 in libupnp.so.17.0.1[7f69d4139000+1c000]

This is caused by a NULL pointer dereference in UpnpGetIfInfo() in libupnp.

I searched a bit and didn’t find a post about this already, so I thought I’d post my fix:

git clone https://github.com/googlebleh/libupnp114-fixes.git
cd libupnp114-fixes
makepkg -risc --asdeps

This patches the version Manjaro Stable currently uses (1.14.1) with the fix for this bug.