VLC, a solid media player... BUT on Manjaro?

Have to agree... lately VLC has been crashing on me or completely immobilizing my PC. Nothing to do with Manjaro, happened in Mint 19.2 also. Shortage of RAM, sure, but it seems to be getting worse. I'll look at Celluloid and SMPlayer and find out if they support HEVC x.265 as well. That format is saving me gigabytes in videolibraries :wink: Synchronization of subtitles is supported already I saw. And I have been using VLC for soooo many years. Sorry to see it go...

Once you try smplayer you will not miss VLC. Be sure to install the themes to improve its appeance.


Thanks for the heads-up, will do so tonight straight-away :nerd_face:!

So true. Last month, I moved over to SMPlayer, and after using it for a little while, I removed VLC from my system. It is sad to see a once beloved "Swiss-Army Knife" of a video player decline as much as it has.

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I am following this thread since quite some time and have no issues with vlc. Running chromium-vaapi, I might already have a good setup for hw-acceleration. Only ticked vaapi in vlc settings, that was all. When mpv and parole using 12-15% cpu, vlc uses 7-8%. Xfce, testing.

yes me too.
my problem with VLC is when after playing video from external hard disk. my external hard drive cannot be ejected. I have to shutdown my PC first.

Weird. Is the vlc process not properly terminating and still running - thus preventing a umount?

yes last time I use, vlc process cannot be closed, even with (right click) (exit) option in vlc systray doesn't work.
I try reproduce today, the problem does not exist anymore, maybe because of the last update.:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

In that case try terminating all vlc processes to at least umount an external drive without the need to reboot.

$ killall vlc

and if this wasn't enough to "convince" the hanging process to terminate, follow up with:

$ killall -9 vlc

Breath of fresh air! SMplayer, Gonzo/KvantumDark theme, light on resources. Although I always 'burn' my subs into the video with Handbrake I found the direct link to Opensubtitles.org really nice (worked). Bye bye VLC, we had a great time together anyway


I have also had similar issues that are mentioned in this thread with VLC as of late(glitchy videos player not closing or opening stuck in tray etc etc).
Having only switched to Manjaro XFCE last night I can't blame the OS.

It actually started a few weeks ago and I was running Debian Buster with MATE for a DE.

Like others have said using smplayer instead I haven't had any trouble so far.

It is odd to me since i have used VLC for years on windows and Linux and haven't had much of a problem(or I am forgetting them who knows haha).

Also am using an intel cpu(anceitn core 2 duo 2.2ghz) and integrated graphics(gm45).
Yeah I know it's time for an overhaul but I am broke lol.

It's years I don't use VLC anymore. Have had issues with it, mpv is much more better.

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Claification. VLC has always been primarily coded for Microsoft Windows. It has 99% of user base, that use Windows, and programmers do it mainly on Windows. There's very little coded for other systems.
Microsoft also payed the coders, to to just that. Windows uses VLC engine and has its special layout (ms repos/store or whatever its called). coded by VLC programmers.

In the past VLC has been behaving very badly on any distro. Hence I switched to mpv+smplayer+vaapi.

Smplayer is great, because it has many seettings that you don't need to type using Konsole (ie --hwdec=vaapi, --vo=gpu). Tick the box for vaapi as output and you're done. One thing, though. As I have noticed, compilation for Smplayer is not done correctly on Manjaor/Arch (unlike Gentoo and Debian). Since the software on any distro comes (or should) from (signed) repository, SMplayer option to check for new Smplayer releases should be removed from setting. It looks so unprofessional on Manjaro. Manjaro is not Windows. Softwre comes from repository not every little program checking and calling random websites to check for its own updates. So Gentoo and Debian=1, Arch/Manjaro=0. But since everyone is using "wonky" VLC they don't know.

I have no issues what so ever with VLC on any distro. So I don't what other posters problems with it are caused by. I even enable and multiple windows open playing videos. In fact, three of them are playing at the moment.

Did you tweak some settings of the default install?

Just the setting to allow me to have multiple windows runng.

I also have noticed some issues with VLC, but these issues happens on all systems (Windows 10, BSD, other Linux distro and of course, Manjaro).
The main issue is when you play a video in slow motion, doing: right-click, playback, speed, slower. The video plays normally, but if you click in the progress bar, for example, to go back, it freezes for some seconds then keeps playing the video... This issue happened since version 3.0.0 and keeps until today.
In the past, if the video was playing in slow motion and I clicked in the progress bar to go back, it didn't freeze or stopped playing, it keeps playing from the time I've put.
I'm using a very old version and unsafe of VLC to avoid this. Tried everything in the settings to realized what the problem is.
It seems to be something related to the new releases after 3.0.0. I think I'm gonna check out SMPlayer (I have never used it because it looks damn ugly, but it seems to have a way to change it using "themes"), anyway, I just seized the moment to talk about this.

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Many years ago, when I moved from Windows to Linux (Ubuntu, at that time), I hung on to VLC, because this is what I was used to. This unwillingness to let go of old habits prevented me from discovering better software. This is a valuable lesson to learn. Yes, it is by definition uncomfortable to get out of the comfort zone, but out there great things wait to be discovered.

Sure, VLC is a solid media player... but on Linux, there are much better alternatives. I would encourage anyone to explore a bit and not get stuck on old habits.

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VLC and Xine are pretty much the only the only video player I use since they both work well. What one doesn't playback, the other will.

I use mpv : https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/

install with
sudo pacman -S mpv

or compile the latest git using
git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/mpv-git.git
cd mpv-git
makepkg -si

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