Vivaldi missing h.264/aac codecs

Since I updated yesterday I have received a new Vivaldi. Many thanks for the updates. I can’t explain how much your continued work on Manjaro ARM is appreciated.

It is however missing codecs. When I start Vivaldi it complains about a missing patented HTML-media (h.264/aac) component.

Probably a missing vivaldi-ffmpeg-codecs package?
I can’t find one that works though. And it didn’t warn me about this until yesterday.

Any ideas how to get it going right again on Manjaro ARM?

Solved it by reinstalling the vivaldi-codecs-ffmpeg-extra-bin AUR package. It was already installed. It required an uninstall and reinstall.

So: Strit’s solution worked. Many thanks, it is very much appreciated.

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What board are you using?

Try installing the vivaldi-codecs-ffmpeg-extra-bin AUR package.

That solved it for another user.

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N2, the normal non-plus one.

It was already installed. I uninstalled it. And then reinstalled it.
And that seems to have solved the issue!
Many thanks!

I think it needs to be updated/rebuilt with each Vivaldi update.

It seems so. It was installed, required a reinstall. So I’m guessing it becomes version dependant after you install it. And so need to reinstall it after update. AUR rocks.

I do get a lot of page crashes with the new version.
So I went back to the previous version.

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