Vivaldi browser is looking very good


[edit:] 17-Feb-2019 - I don’t feel as secure about Vivaldi re. user privacy anymore (I’m using Iridium-browser these days as it looks to be about the best of a bad lot).

[edit:] 21-Jan-2018 - Cleaned up the Wiki page - adding new data & removing the redundant. Also, edited this page a little.

[edit:] 2-Mar-2017 - Added a section on using Firejail to the Wiki.

13-Feb-2017 - I’ve started a Vivaldi page on the Manjaro Wiki, it will continue to grow. Anyone who has the inclination to help it grow, is of course always welcome to contribute to the Wiki (anywhere!).

Finally a browser that doesn’t make a mess of this forum’s category contents display lists (for me anyway, as I use a lot of custom settings in Firefox/Pale Moon which must be why this forum has always looked so much worse than its best - though of course I still don’t like a number of the ways that this forum works, but I’m not going to have that discussion anymore, & that is NOT what this post is about).

Vivaldi can be locked up pretty tight too, privacy wise, with the use of extensions from the Chrome Web Store:

HTTPS Everywhere; Privacy Badger; ShareMeNot; uBlock Origin; uBlock Origin Extra; uMatrix; & now Self Destroying Cookies .

There is a little duplication among that lot, but they function reasonably well together, apart from the fact that you may have to turn OFF WebRTC blocking in uBlock Origin & just use the option to turn WebRTC blocking ON in Vivaldi’s Settings. (I’ve done that, but I’ve left Privacy Badger to also turn ON WebRTC blocking & I get no leak so at least at this stage that’s good enough for me.)

Vivaldi allows you to adjust the GUI a great deal, so for those of us that like to (or need to) enlarge (or shrink) the display it is really easy to do (no need for NoSquint & the like, though NoSquint Plus is available as an add-on). You can also modify the theme quite easily in the Settings.

This inherent ability of Vivaldi to so simply handle the entire browser GUI (including its own menu fonts; tab fonts; all of its Settings - basically every part of the browser display can be magnified or shrunk) & its contents just blows the Firefox/Pale Moon browsers right out of the water, as they are just so cumbersome in this regard. Vivaldi makes both the Firefox & Pale Moon engines (they both use different engines these days) seem archaic!

I could import my >1k bookmarks WITHOUT having them re-organised alphabetically (or any other way). I really like that, 'cause when a browser that I’m trying out can’t handle the proper import of my bookmarks it has already lost me.

The bookmarks are displayed in a panel, which is a way that I’m certainly not used to, though I doubt it will be difficult to adapt to such a method (after how long of using a drop down bookmarks menu…).

Anyway, I’ll continue giving Vivaldi a workout & if it doesn’t come up with any thus far unforeseen serious problems then I’ll make a Vivaldi page in our Wiki. :slight_smile:

Hopefully now that Vivaldi has now reached (as of this most recent page edit) 1.13.1008.40 (Stable channel) (64-bit) it will find its way from the AUR into our official repo somewhere (that hasn’t happened, though there is a very good alternative, see below).

I’m using a Custom repo maintained by an Arch Trusted User (TU). Any associated Vivaldi packages, like vivaldi-ffmpeg-codecs can be found in this repo too. Great news.

Just add the following to the bottom of your /etc/pacman.conf :

Server =$repo/$arch

How to install Vivaldi snapshot on KDE?
What browser do you use?
Vivaldi not found even within AUR repos
How to install Vivaldi snapshot on KDE?

Been using for a few weeks, some additional pros + cons:

I like and use the web panels
Fairly nippy (but slow to load)
vimium++ plugin

It randomly pins tabs, cannot work out why!
Slow to load
Very heavy on memory - suspect a memory leak. 4 tabs open:

psmem | grep vivaldi   
108.0 KiB +  17.5 KiB = 125.5 KiB	vivaldi-sandbox
  1.9 GiB + 132.8 MiB =   2.0 GiB	vivaldi-bin (28)

But I still prefer it over firefox.


@xircon: Yes, I’ve just been looking at the memory usage of Vivaldi in htop. It uses more than Pale Moon (which is also running) but I don’t really care, as I have heaps of RAM.

I can’t say if it has a memory leak at this point as I haven’t been watching. Do you find that the amount of RAM that Vivaldi uses continues to grow, over the hours even whilst it is sitting there supposedly idle (like Firefox has done for so many years it isn’t funny!) ?

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I get lock ups, hard reset required, think it may be memory related.


@handy - definitely


I don’t like the sound of those two!

Do you have plenty of RAM?


Only 8gb which should be enough.


Have removed some of the extensions I installed (to see if they were any good) will see if it improves.


I’ve had Vivaldi running for some hours now & it isn’t causing the memory usage to go up. I’m only using the add-ons that I mentioned in a previous post plus I’m looking at NoSquint Plus, as the inbuilt control of web sites isn’t perfect (neither is NoSquint Plus).


Hi @handy. :smiley:

Does Vivaldi do SSBs (Site Specific Browsers)? I’ve found they save me about 100 megs versus a full Chrome when running Netflix…

I have heard a lot of nice things about Vivaldi. :smiley:



@ hey c00ter: long time no see. :slight_smile:

F’d if I know.

Why don’t you do what I would do if it were someone else apart from the you who is so well educated in how to search for answers to our questions of this kind? lol

I think that, that was a kind answer c00ter. lol (where is the tearing my hair out icon?)

(Doesn’t do it justice… By the way (casual talk now), this forum software doesn’t allow me to be anywhere near as subtle as I could have been back there… - truly, in the long lost god - I don’t believe in god - only knows…!)

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I’ve been using Vivaldi since nearly a year now on MacOS.
It’s a great browser, but unfortunately still not good enough to replace firefox on my Linux computers.
Still a good alternative with some very neat features and very stable.


Because of this thread I installed Vivaldi and although it looks good, works well, uses Chrome addons, I can not make it the only browser. I watch TV sometimes using the browser and Vivaldi does not play what I like to see. Picture is black with a rotating loading wheel. Unless I need an addon for that.
Until now only Chrome makes it possible.

One thing: when using panels,
I miss the control buttons on top of both panels, now there is only one set of buttons. When I want to go back a page in the right panel, the mouse has to walk all the way over to the top left side of the screen. With a 24" monitor that’s a long walk.


You can setup a mouse gesture for that. I really recommend looking under the settings at the keyboard and mouse sections. The greatest strength of Vivaldi is that it offers full keyboard shortcut customization of pretty much every aspect of controlling the UI, and also offers mouse gesture customization. You should be able to use that to switch back on the focused panel. The built in one is to hold down your right mouse button and swipe from right to left. In my experience they work very well.

(Also check your plugins and make sure your widevine cdm is enabled. If it is not that could be causing you issues if you are trying to watch DRM protected content.)


I love the Vivaldi browser and I use it alongside Firefox on a daily basis. I have been doing so since it was in Beta. The fe. ature set has grown along with stability. The only issue with Vivaldi is that they are not completely opensource…but I can live with that. Everything simply works, it has access to chrome extensions, and it is under really active development. This year we can hopefully look forward to sync services being available, and the built in mail client. The sync being the only reason I still use Firefox as much as I do.

I have had no problems with either memory, freezing, or crashes in at least the last six months while using Vivaldi. I can’t say the same for Firefox, at least on my field laptop which is a low power baytrail based model, so I can never really tell if it was the browser, a particular extension, or a kernel regression (logs are inconclusive).

I really love this browser and have been with it a long time, it has come a very long way without losing sight of its goals, which is essentially being a browser geared towards people who do work with their browser. It is a damn easy browser to be productive with and that is without any extensions which really helps in the speed department.


@DeMus - did you install the ffmpeg package?

  • vivaldi-ffmpeg-codecs

  • vivaldi-beta-ffmpeg-codecs

  • vivaldi-snapshot-ffmpeg-codecs

Dependant on which Vivaldi installed


Been installing for so long from AUR, I did not even think of that as a possibility, good call. Also the appropriate widevine package may be necessary.


@nadb the crashes I suffer may be caused by a misbehaving extension - not all chrome extensions work and I installed rather a lot - I was playing around. Have removed a fair few. Time will tell…


I did not yet install the beta and snapshot codecs (am doing so now) but what’s the deal with those installs:
I have an FX-8350 8-core processor running at 4.2GHz and it is used to the max for more than a minute to install some codecs. Fan is at topspeed, CPU is 50C hot, what is going on here?
I don’t think however that it is codec related. The TV webpage from my provider is using MS Silverlight and until now only Chrome could show me the TV contents, no other browser could.


Probably. Extensions are a mixed bag, and I try to minimize the number I use. I use far fewer in Vivaldi than Firefox because it has so many options baked in.