Visual problem with XFCE Dark Themes

Hi, I´m using Manjaro XFCE and I realised that my favourite theme (vertex-maia-dark) and the other dark themes have a problem while displaying focused tabs. The color of the fonts is the same as the background, so it´s impossible to see what is the title of the tab. there is any way to change the color of the font while focusing for a single theme? I didn´t find any option in the configurations, I can just change font style.

Did you try to reboot the system after applying a theme? I found that sometimes it bugs when you do it live and a reboot fix it.

I have used that theme for a week and the bug didn’t fix itself.

Sounds like it is time for a different theme… :wink:

Im currently using this theme and its as good as always. I suggest trying the default icons, maybe those mess with your theme.

Default icons don´t fix it neither

I love this theme, what a pity T.T

Do you have Mate or LXqt installed?

I came across a bug like this once with another theme. I had to remove my LXqt installation in order to get it back normal.

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