Visual issues with Pamac GTK on Manjaro KDE with default theme

Recently, Pamac GTK replaced Octopi as the graphical package manager on Manjaro KDE, which make this edition more consistent with the others. I recently installed Manjaro KDE on my laptop (replacing my old Manjaro Cinnamon that was 1 year and a half old, RIP) and doing all upgrades with Pamac GTK no matter what (on Testing) to see if it works properly.

So far, it has been fine, even surviving a KDE upgrade from 5.16.X to 5.17. However, there is two visual issues that annoy me quite a bit on the default installation with the default look and make the experience less enjoyable than it could be.

  • Is it me or the grey text is barely readable? I can read "41.2 MB/65.8 MB About 40 seconds remaining", but I really have to focus hard on the text to be able to read it.
  • By default, the tray icon for Pamac is pitch black. It is kind of awkward considering that the panel is in a dark color. It would be better if the icon was white instead of black, well, like the other icons on the right side.

The problem is that I have no idea if it is a problem from Pamac, KDE, or the Breath theme in itself, or somehow a problem on my side only (although I think it was like that since the beginning).


The default Breath and Breeze icons do not have the panel folders inside each 16px - 22px - 24px of their subfolders. There should reside the pamac-tray-no-update.svg and pamac-tray-update.svg or symlinks to their variants.
By default, if those icons do not exist, are taken from /usr/share/icons/hicolor/24x24/status/ and fail to satisfy dark and light Panel themes in the same time.

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You could install "gtk3-classic" and see if it improves the look of pamac it does on Cinnamon at least.

To get a consistent look, till we release a fix for this, do this from therminal:

sudo ln -s /usr/share/icons/breath/status/22/update-none.svg /usr/share/icons/breath/status/24/pamac-tray-no-update.svg


sudo ln -s /usr/share/icons/breath/status/22/update-high.svg /usr/share/icons/breath/status/24/pamac-tray-update.svg

Log out and back in. The icon will look as the Breath icons look like, from the same family. The way the icon themes are handled seems to be different between icon themes. I need to investigate more on this as it might also be related to the way Plasma handles the desktoptheme, so what i said previously applied to Papirus icon themes family and the KDE Plasma 5.17.1 that is not in stable yet.


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Reported in Gitlab (in Breath repository). I wonder is this theme is still maintained in any shape or form though.

I dont think it is ... I dont think it has been updated since a few plasma releases ago.
[oh look at that ... the packaging anyways hasnt been touched in a year besides the license]

The issue seems to be in the Breath theme, I think. Breeze and Breeze-Dark handles the Pamac's icon just fine, showing it in the most appropriate color.



However, if I use Breeze as the "Global theme" and I use Breeze-Dark as the "Plasma theme", getting light windows with a dark panel, I get the same kind of problem as with Breath.

Pretty sad, I thought it still looks quite good and not that dated actually.

@philm Any plan for the KDE edition in the future in regards of theming?

The theme was actually modified to have the proper icons

but i don't know the packaging part ...

Last packager seems to be @Ste74,

Could it be possible to merge his repository in this one and update the packages for the Breath theme?

As for the unreadable text problem, perhaps it could be solved on Pamac side by changing the font color.

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