VirtualPlayer and Virtual Box both failing for different reasons

Having a heck of a time getting Manjaro to work on my W10 office machine. Version downloaded is: manjaro-kde-21.2.5-minimal-220314-linux515

Let’s start with VirtualPlayer. I’m having a kernel panic (tried to install 3 times) when I try to boot using proprietary drivers (nvidia) and no boot at all when I try to use the open source drivers. Based on my experience with VBox, I suspect that the open source drivers don’t play nice with my graphics card. Here’s the screenshot of my kernel panic. I’ve been running Manjaro at home for quite some time so I’m hoping to be able to stick with it in office. Thanks!

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Well its an out_of_memory error. You could get this for example, when you suspend or hibernate a virtual machine at the OS. It does not play nice within virtual environments. Virtual Machines have normally their own way of saving the memory state.

If you have timeshift with timeshoft-autosnap and grup-btrfs, then you should be able to boot a snapshot at grub.

Check if you have enabled virtual extensions in the firmware

I assume that by VirtualPlayer you mean VMware Player?

A virtual machine use video driver for a virtual device so this cannot be the cause.

It was the default settings for VirtualPlayer not having nearly enough RAM (like 750 megs…when my system has 16 gigs…makes no sense). I upped it to 4 gigs and things are running smoothly now. Thanks!