Virtualize manjaro-arm on manjaro-x86_64

Hi folks, currently running Manjaro on x86_64 machine. Would like to test Manjaro version for Raspberry Pi 4, but currently don’t have it. Is possible to virtualize it using software like qemu, Oracle Virtualbox, virt-manager, etc.?

@Strit @spikerguy As this was not posted in the #arm category, maybe you missed this?

(I have no clue as I only know about x-compilation)


Yes it is possible using qemu but won’t be a pleasant experience.

I don’t need it to be pleasant, just need basic testing. How do you recommend to do it?

Thank you @spikerguy

@Tribble Spikerguy just told you how to fish and is not fishing for you:


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QEMU only supports officially the Raspberry Pi 2 at this moment.

It’s the only option as far as I know.

But then again, I don’t virtualize as I have the hardware.

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@Strit do you know if the Pi 2 and the Pi 4 can run the same manjaro/AUR packages? Or binaries have to be compiled different and are not binary-compatible?

If it runs aarch64 packages then it should be able to, yes.

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Finally could get the Raspberry Pi 3 emulated on x86_64 Manjaro, thanks to this video:

Emulating ARM64 Raspberry Pi Image using QEMU

Couldn’t get XFCE4 to work, so it’s shell only.

Tutorial for raspbian with CPU arm1176 and graphical interface:

Raspberry Pi on QEMU

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