VirtualBox with EFI enabled : cryptic boot screen

According to this wiki howto-virtualbox-installation-usb- I should enable EFI for Manjaro guests. So I did this, but I did this after creating the VM.

On boot now, with EFI enabled, I’m taken to a UEFI terminal window with a prompt.

What can I do here? Is it possible to enable EFI after creating the VM?

I find the VM runs very slowly. Could this be why?

Did you just create the VM or did you a installation of manjaro and then enable EFI?

Virtual box on Ubuntu host with Manjaro guest . Created VM from iso with 8G memory and 40G storage and without EFI.

Then after an upgrade and a reboot enabled EFI and restarted

Switching from BIOS/Legacy installation to EFi will not work just like that.

Just changing the VM settings is not enough. Actually you will end up doing more work than simply create a new VM and install it. So, create a new VM, enable EFI and do the install.


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