Virtualbox-ext-oracle in Unstable

This morning pamac offered virtualbox-ext-oracle 6.1.36-1, so I built the package. Afterwards, Virtualbox launched, but I could not open any VM’s. Downgrade back to virtualbox-ext-oracle 6.134-1 worked as now all versions, Virtualbox, Virtualbox-guest-iso were back to version 6.134. I upgrade all to version 6.1.36 and all was working.
Please push updates Virtualbox and virtualbox-guest-iso and any others to version 6.136 in Unstable branch?


The 6.1.36 was literally pushed to Arch Linux 3 hours ago. No more patience, or everything has to be instant?

Is an AUR package, why is dictating the update routine?

I installed that update earlier and figured I’d wait until 6.1.36 made it’s way to unstable before starting virtualbox.

This is exactly why you should not automate rebuilding of custom packages.



Always wait to update virtualbox-ext-oracle until the matching virtualbox version is available.


Virtualbox 6.1.36 is in unstable now

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